top 7 luxury residential trends for 2019

top 7 luxury residential trends for 2019

top 7 luxury residential trends for 2019

This guest blog has been written by Interior Deisgner, Robyn Knibb of Fawn Interiors, who we are excited to partner with to offer our clients a luxury interior design service.

Spring 2019 has arrived!! I always find March the perfect time to move house, redesign or think about a refresh! Whatever stage in the interior design process you find yourself, Fawn Interiors offers years of design expertise with access to the most sought-after luxury brands.

Whether you own a country estate or a compact city apartment, there are lots of things you can do to your property to create a beautiful and enticing space. We at Fawn Interiors believe the perfect interior starts with a considered spacial layout and a well thought out design. It is the attention to detail and aesthetics that then create ideals of comfort, luxury and elegance. We can offer solutions that are customised to a client’s lifestyle and we believe there needs to be a complementary blend between tradition, trend and the context of the existing building.

Speaking of trends – A couple of months ago I was in Paris for the Maison et Objet where I saw some of the big players such as Fendi Casa, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli & Ritz Home, all showcasing luxury interior design in its finest form. More recently I also attended the London Design Week, this time paying a closer eye to fabrics and colours. Both are shows that I like to visit annually as it’s great to see the new and emerging trends. Here are 7 luxury interior design trends that have kick started 2019:

    We are waving goodbye to stainless steel and polished nickel, and welcoming brass and bronze accents into our homes. Antiqued brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative which gives off a luxurious feel. There are many ways you can introduce it – kitchen ironmongery or bespoke cabinetry, to name a couple.


    There has been this beautiful shift over the past few years in supporting local artists and small businesses especially in accessories. It’s these artisan pieces that personalise a home and add character. I have seen a rise in antiques being used within designs too. People want their rooms to have soul and to tell a story – something which antiques do effortlessly. Picking the right antique piece is a challenge but there are pieces out there that can fit seamlessly even into a modern interior.  

      1. UP ABOVE
        Statement ceilings have been gathering momentum in the interior design world and they are on-trend again for 2019. Wallpapering a ceiling or adding a lighting trough around the perimeter of the room can look amazing! Architectural lighting can provide really interesting focal points and putting the right light in is essential to evoke the right emotion and atmosphere.

      1. DETAIL
        Spring design trends for 2019 are definitely more decorative. I like to focus this level of detail on just a few key pieces in the room. References to this latest furniture trend can be seen in metal inlaid trims on furniture and bespoke pieces of cabinetry or on inlaid wood marquetry. Luxury handles, marble finishes, gilding and rarer wood finishes all count too. Sometimes the smallest details have the biggest impact on design. Whether it’s contrast piping on a cushion or a dressing room drawer specifically kitted out for sunglasses/watches, they all individually create uniqueness and a level of perceived value.

        Fawn Interiors is a true advocate for muted colours as we find them calming and relaxing. Having this neutral base allows you to effortlessly swap in accessories that can transform the room without too much expense. This year you will see an introduction of richer hues. Look out for corals, rusty reds, burnt oranges, mustards, statement pinks, bold yellows and dusky blues. You will see a lot of these being featured in upholstery where their richness becomes all the more beckoning.

      1. VELVET
        This has been a trend and not a trend all at the same time. Some people love it, many people hate it. It’s luxurious, comfortable and a statement material which you can use on almost everything. Believe it or not, velvet was once seen as old fashioned and stuffy but it’s now viewed as luxurious and edgy. This multi-dimensional fabric has already started gaining a lot of attention, leading many designers to believe velvet decor will be one of 2019’s most sought-after trends.

        Layering colours and textures is key to creating a rich interior. You do not need one core colour to define your scheme. Instead, we’re starting to see a clear design trend for overlapping and intertwining in a much more obvious way. Because the last few seasons welcomed beautifully bold shades, there’s been a tendency to let them dominate a scheme. This Spring however, we’ll go back to developing colour palettes consisting of multiple shades that complement and contrast with one another. Examples include silk cushions, cashmere throws, mohair armchairs and linen sofas, all in the same room as a leather pouffe with even an introduction of the odd bit of tweed. The experience of these contrasting natural textures make our homes richer and more luxurious.

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